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I am a Die-hard Metal fan. Born Metal- Die Metal. As such Im not sure if I would be where im at in life without it. I would not be the same person. It really has change my whole perspective on life, along with other things. People say they dont like metal because they cant understand or don't like the lyrics, I challenge you. Find some really good bands. They'll have powerful messages. Our society, how its corrupt, about people. Alot of times metal artist use Sarcasm, Satire or hypothetical situation to get this point across. People hear death, kill, sex, hate or other bad words that may be associated with metal. And they think it relays a bad message. It pisses me off that people could be so close minded. Read all the lyrics and try to understand what they are saying. If you still don't understand, watch Metal: A Headbangers Journey. Metal is also good for my workouts. It gets my blood pumping and my energy up. I feel alive and empowered when listening to metal!


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nice pasta desu but how bout some Meshuggah?


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