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I've read and seen former North Koreans that made it out of the DPRK and into the West state that the lifestyle we have here in the west(capitalist) is incredibly depressing for them. One guy even says that if the border to NorKo opened up he would go right back to his labor camp. He said it was better to get beaten for misbehaving in the camp than it is to be punished for not having enough money in the the "free" world.

Most of people don't even realize how terrible our state of slavery is in this modern world. And those of us that do and have retreated back into their childhood bedrooms and gone full neet because we are able to see how bad things really are are made to feel like shit just for being what amounts to normal human beings who want nothing more than the life of freedom that was promised to us by God. The central banking system/capitalist system is not the way we are programmed to live. They try to beat it into us through the indoctrination program known as school systems, and through the massive propaganda systems known as the media, but even still we see humans committing mass suicide mainly because this way of life is just too terrible for them. You don't see dogs and cats going around killing themselves, it's not natural behavior for a living creature unless they are in an unsurmountable level of pain. Our minds reject this way of life every moment of our existence, but we force ourselves to go on because that is what is expected of us. It's complete insanity.

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